Mated to the Alien Minotaur

For once, I’m grabbing life by the horns.

As a foreigner on Taurus with a special visa, I have one requirement to fulfill if I want to stay on this lush, peaceful, farming planet: meet a minotaur—er, Tauri—male and settle down within a year.

Finding one who’s attractive isn’t going to be a problem. The program has placed me with Vozak, a friendly hulk of a male with soft fur, rippling muscles, and long horns. Before I can say “plow my fields,” he’s given me a guestroom in his farmhouse, and I’m learning the Tauri equivalent of sheep husbandry.

Of course, just because we can translate each other’s languages doesn’t mean we understand each other. Turns out that both Tauri and humans should come with instruction books. And I need to know a few anatomical details that only Vozak can teach me…