Loved by the Minotaur book cover image

Loved by the Alien Minotaur

I spent two months in a stasis pod zipping across the galaxy for my match to say, “She is hairless, tailless, and tiny.” Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather strap myself to the hull of a ship blasting through the atmosphere on its way back to Earth than try to build a life with him.

I’d build my new life alone, but I came to find a mate. Taurus promised they had males ready and willing to love you like you’ve never been loved before. I want that forever love.

The matching program introduces me to Kalvak. He quickly proves that some Tauri know exactly how to treat a female. With every delightful day and heated night, I slide more in lust with Kalvak.

Everything would be perfect, but he’s holding back. Was he only here to save me, or can we find that forever love?

Release: Spring of 2025. Date will be moved up!

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